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Should college education be free?
Should college education be free?

66% Say Yes
34% Say No

College Education being free is essential for our country being successful. There are people who are in the world right now that cannot afford to go to college. They might have brilliant brains that could help support the world, or have ideas that could change the world completely. However, all those ideas vanish because of the barrier in front of them. They cannot afford to go to colleges. We do not know what those people have in their minds. Most and high likely, they would benefit us even a little bit. My teacher's friend got accepted into Harvard but couldn't afford to pay the tuition. Therefore, I strongly support the idea saying that colleges should be free. Posted by: 0505ashleys

College should be free for all. So everyone could graduate dept free, and start fueling the economy. More people would go if it were free, witch means that more American would college educated. Educated people tend to make better decisions, because there educated. A better educated USA is world for all. Believe in America

If college was free yes taxes would go up but the jobs that a degree would provide would lead to better pay and in return pay a higher tax rate. If college was free a higher standard of living would be possible and a bigger boom in economy; an example is the 1950s the standard of living was increased and we saw a thriving economy. Attendance in high school was an out come of the standard of living increase and once again it would be if higher education was free. Learning Should Be Free

Yes, college education should be free. A college education should be provided for every child who wants it. And this should be provided free of charge. It is morally wrong for a teenager and their family to be forced to incur thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for an education. Learning should not be out of anyone’s reach. Learning and education should not be privileges enjoyed only by the wealthy. Right now college loan defaults are at the highest levels ever seen. We have an entire generation that is starting out in life burdened with a very large amount of debt and a very small job market. Our society has set these young adults up for possible failure by making them start out at a disadvantage. Moneyed Culture leads to Misled Money

If college lacked the limiting factor of cost, a whole host of academic, personal, and lifestyle problems could be averted. Far too many entering students are steered towards educational paths (majors and careers) that are not in harmony with personal areas of ability and preference. Rather, lucrativeness is prized over integrity, leading both grades and well-being to suffer. Eliminate class distinctions

I dont know that it should be totally free, but way way cheaper, OR GO by income. I disagree with the loan process. It shoudl eb pay as you go and pay only for the classes you need, none of this pay for art when your going to learn something that has nothign to do with art. College is run too much like high school, with clubs, imature kids partying. Drinking drugs, its pathetic grow up already. However, if it were free, everyone would have the oportunity to learn skills to contribute to society, feel needed valued and part of a community, no one would need to feel inferior, or superior, bringing the playing field level. No one would feel the need to compete. But it will not happen, becasue the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class supports them all, many inteligent people are denied the chance to help humanity for the good due to this greed. Many countries have free college and their country is a mess too. Greed and no common sense. Cant learn common sense in college

so much for intelligence .
Spilling over into the government.
Posted by: chatpaltam
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