Whateva Cafe Marketing Plan

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Executive summary
Since 13th century, the word ‘whatever’ had been used by people. ‘Whatever’ is the word always used by indecisive people who brings the meaning ‘anything will do’. We took that thought and used that as our concept. We want to ensure that customers who are dining with us only need to make minimum choices so that they do not need to hesitate long when making choices. This way time is saved because most of the customers expected are office staffs and students. Despite of their short dining session available, they still can enjoy the food. We plan to open one more outlet within the duration of a year. We use SWOT analysis to analyse our strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. We position ourselves as a restaurant that help customer reduce the hesitation needed to make choices. We also provide a changing set menu that be changed on daily basis. Our food is economical as the price set is based on the customer in that area who is consisting of mostly middle-class income customers. We are in the restaurant business which is normally distributed by giving customer service as in taking orders when they dine-in with us and we also provides delivery service when needed. We do advertising through giving out flyers, using ‘info blast’ and advertisement on our main website. Our target market is office staffs and students since there are many companies and a college nearby. Our expected starting capital will be around RM 300,000 which covers the rent, renovation, food ingredient and equipment. We have weekly and monthly meeting with all staffs to check on the restaurant’s progress and growth.

Review of current situation
Review of the industry
In this hospitality industry, as a service provider we are responsible to provide good service and achieve the expectation of the customer. Instead of that, we should fulfil customer’s needs. From my investigation, the restaurant trends nowadays will be focus on prices, quality and portion of food, a variety choices of food, good service attitude, speed service, location, environment factor which includes comfortable place, cleanliness, attractive decoration and etc. There are many restaurants which serve breakfast; lunch and dinner value set which with appropriate price. To stay competitive in this business world, the competitor used different strategy to attract customer. For examples, old town making promotion on breakfast recently with a slogan “Pay less for more”. Besides that, Papa Rich using different strategy compared to Old Town for making promotion on breakfast with different slogan which is “The healthy way to start your day”. Economy recession nowadays, people who are low or middle income including student they will look for food that taste good and cheap. So, Old Town currently are using the breakfast promotion to attract customer who are low or middle income. As well as Papa Rich, they currently using others strategy which more on healthiness, this attract customers who are health-conscious. Brand history

Nowadays, people like to utilize the word “Whatever” in decision making, whether on food or destinations. Since 13th Century, the word ‘whatever’ is used. Therefore, we take the idea of “Whatever” which means anything and place the concept into food. With that, customer will not have to choose their meals as curiosity will tell them about the food. The food is different everyday and description of the food is not written in the menu, it will be notify only upon customer’s query.

Review of Competition
Our major competitor will be OldTown White Coffee. The OldTown White Coffee is the largest kopitiam restaurant chain in Malaysia. Its main headquarters is in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Established in 1999, OldTown Berhad (“OldTown”) manufactures instant beverage mixes and products, in addition to operating over 200 café outlets throughout Malaysia and the region currently. OldTown is the proprietary owner of the special formulation...

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