What I Will Be Contributing

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Better Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: August 23, 2013
As a new employee with a technical educational background, my contribution to Access Bank is going to be significantly different from others. In each stage of my academic and personal journey, there were many opportunities for me to utilize my existing talents and also acquire new ones. As expected, I have taken full advantage of every opportunity presented to me. Now, I plan to contribute myself towards achieving essential success and satisfaction while working with Access Bank Plc. My problem solving ability, professional attitude with willingness to adapt and remain flexible, leadership and communication abilities, resourcefulness and drive to succeed will help in delivering exceptional results to the continued growth strategy of Access Bank Plc. My experience at Alcatel- Lucent Nigeria equipped me with additional skills, new ideas and a sense of responsibility to be able to complete projects and tasks within or before stipulated time. I intend to make utmost use of these trainings and use it greatly in taking Access Bank Plc to greater heights. I will also contribute a sense of dedication and commitment. My ability to learn very fast, remain calm under pressure and communicate clearly will help me in making significant impact in Access Bank Plc. I love challenges because I derive fulfilment and satisfaction when I get desired results. With persistence and determination, I will help in bringing the vision of Access Bank Plc to a reality. Just like the Bank provides the necessary tools and support to ensure achievement of organisational growth and employee growth, I am ready to give up my time, efforts and focus towards achieving the set goals of Access Bank Plc. Also, I will contribute to the support of business development projects because I am a creative person, having the ability to think “out of the box” and analyse situations from multiple perspectives. I can generate innovative...
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