What I Miss about My Native Country

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What I Miss about my Native Country

When I hear someone says Iraq, I will miss everything in Iraq because I cannot forget my beautiful country. Iraq is everything for me. When someone tell me why you miss your country because your country is very dangers right now. I tell her/him that I will not stop missing my country because I grow up there, and I spent all my life there. Iraq was really beautiful country before the war, but after that everything changed, and they destroyed everything, but it is still my everything, but now everything back to normal, and I wish Iraq will stay good and become better. Also, I miss everything there such as family, traditions, and food. I miss all my cousins, and every time I think about them and about the time we spent together, I felt very sad. The life in the United States is very different from my country because Iraq has very beautiful rivers, and we have different traditions. I miss our traditions. For instance, I miss the Eid in Iraq because we spent our Eid in my cousins’ house and in the restaurants. Also, I miss the food so much because I do not like the food here because it is very different from Iraq. Our food is very delicious that we make in our houses. Also, I miss my best friends a lot, they are like my sisters. I still talk with them, but that does not mean that I do not miss them. I hope I will visit Iraq very soon because I really miss everything there.
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