What I Learned From Weed

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Raymond Morris
What I Have Learned
There are many life lessons that I have learned the hard way from this situation. I have learned who my true friends are, what a real family is, drugs are just a mask for feelings inside, what people really think about me, and I’ve learned the right way to live a life. The sad part of all this is it took something this significant for me to have a reality check.

In life there are two types of friends, true friends who actually care about you and the ones who are fake and just want to use you to get high. To deviate whether a person is a real or fake friend you must look at what you guys do when you hangout, where you go, what you spend your money on and how you act with them. If when you hangout you have to lie to your parents then obviously what you are doing isn’t right. If you and your friends are afraid of getting in trouble from the activities you guys are partaking in then why do it? Why put yourself in that situation? Why more importantly put your family in the situation of having to come and take you out of the cop’s custody? If you don’t care about the people who brought you into this world enough to put them in that situation then there is something wrong with you and you need help like I am currently getting. If you go and spend your money on food with a couple of buddies then that is a true friend but if you and your friends have to go and act like they are 18 to get a cigarillo and then have to go wherever you need to go to get your drugs then that is not the type of people you want to be around and you need to take yourself out of that situation as soon as possible because that is detrimental to your true potential. If you can act like your true self than that is a true friend, someone that you have to try to act “cool” with then that isn’t someone to be around because if you aren’t acting like yourself than who exactly are you? Someone who is just as fake as the people they are hanging out with...
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