What I Have Noticed

Topics: Family, Nora Aunor, Son Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Tagaro, Jomel C.
III- Platinum

What I Have Noticed
Last Saturday, November 24, 2012, we have watched the play entitled “4C4”, that was performed by the Philippine stagers foundation and it was directed by Atty. Vincent M. Tanada. The play entitled “4C4” because it is a four contemporary play in one price and it is for the fourth times that they will perform it.

The first play was entitled “Stars”. It is about 2 neighborhood which has different idols. The one idolizes Nora Aunor and the second idolizes Vilma Santos. Because of their different interest, they always fight about their idols. Without knowing the son of these two neighborhood unintentionally fell in love with each other. The story was quite shocking especially to the part that their sons are both in love with each other. The lesson we could picked from the story was not to be affected on what you idolize.

The second play entitled “Pitik Surplus”. It is about family who has an illegal business. They stole different things especially gadgets with higher amount and sell it to their costumer. But at the end they were arrested by the authority when they know the location of this family. Remember that all evildoing doesn’t succeed.

The third play was entitled “Stranded” which is about four friends stranded in Hong Kong International Airport because of the bad weather. In that place where they were stranded, a lot of things happen to them. They revealed their feelings to each other. Like the two couple revealed their relationship as a lover. And the other one with a disability, said what he feels to the girlfriend of his brother. Because in their friendship they don’t have secrets. This story was funny and full of romance. The last play was “Spirits”. It happened during the Japanese era. Where the person was possessed of the lost of his Family. Even though his parents and sister died, he still hears them and sometimes he saw some spirits. This story was horrifying and full of suspense. Because...
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