What a Waste of Energy

Topics: Wind power, World energy resources and consumption, Photovoltaics Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: July 26, 2010
Josiah Henry
Eng 101
Danny Mayer

Josiah…What a waste of energy.

My father, due to my hyperactivity, always used to say to me “Josiah….what a waste of energy”. A funny story but how true that is today in an American society that wastes so much on a earth that so little left to give. It also would appear to me that the only time that we really seem concerned about the energy issue is when it hits our wallets in such a way that we tend to be forced to look at the issue.

Please allow me to introduce some statistics that have been caught up in my mind that I received from Energy Information Administration, official energy statistics provider of US government. China consumes five point six million barrels of oil daily while Japan only consumes five point five million barrels daily. America on the other hand consumes twenty million barrels daily. Also did you know that America imports 54% of its oil? These numbers are so staggering to me. I can not even conceive to think about the way the earth is being treated as such that we should take advantage of it. Driving our cars all over the place has been drastically apart of Kentucky society. It is what we, as Americans, have been doing for centuries now.

I looked for statistics about oil in Kentucky and found a report given by the National research council on coal. I soon found out that Coal provides 90% of Kentucky’s energy as well as 20% of the country as a whole energy. It also went on to talk about the pollution of the enevirontment and how coal constitutes 43% of all damage to plants. Along with the online report a debate had ensued between one person wanting to use re-usable energy and one wanting to continue on the path we are currently on as well as maybe developing nuclear energy. It was a heated discussion and the argument seemed to rage on and on. The argument for Trueblue was that even if we covered the whole earth in solar panels it would not make a dent in the energy...
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