“What You Do, the Way You Think, Makes You Beautiful”

Topics: Thought, Debut albums, Mind Pages: 3 (395 words) Published: September 30, 2010
“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful”

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful” this quote by Scott Westerfeld

means that if when the right thing is done , or when someone tries to do the right thing , and

when they think good thoughts about other people , and other things. When someone has good

intentions, It makes them beautiful. That it is what true beauty is, it’s what’s on the inside, and

not what other people see that’s on the outside. I agree with Scott Westerfeld when he speaks

those words. My goal in this paper is to tell what true beauty is, how a person can be beautiful

and what happens as an effect to being truly beautiful.

To achieve this goal, I am going to tell how you can be beautiful, now knowing what it

is. To be truly beautiful one must respect oneself and others, he must treat others fairly . have

good etiquettes manners and forget about trying to go over the top on making oneself look

perfect on the outside ,one can, but first one must start from the inside and the make oneself

look better on the outside.

Now I am going to tell about how true beauty can make one’s life better. Now that one

knows what true beauty is and how to be truly beautiful the next thing to know is how true

beauty can help oneself and others. First, on will notice that life goes on easily, you don’t have to

care about what others think about oneself, and that one will feel better about oneself when one

does good things like helping others.

Sarwar 2

A person won’t have to feel guilty or feel like one can get when something is wrong

that one has done, and the feeling that one gets when a he or she wonders when thinking

about something ,or while doing...
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