What Would I Change About the 21st Century

Topics: Antibiotic resistance, Cancer, Bacteria Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 6, 2013
What would I change in the 21st century? (Planning) aliyah Antibiotics
They were a great invention when they came about as they prevented thousands of deaths. But this was due to people coming into contact with diseases they had no resistance to as global travel was still new (Black Death and Plague being carried by rats along new trade routes from Asia to Europe / Europeans carrying Small Pox to the New World when they discovered the Americas) However these days most countries have regular foreign travellers and mixed race populations so we are unlikely to have epidemics caused by this anymore. However bacteria and viruses are organic and so constantly evolving and because of overuse of antibiotics our immune systems don’t need to evolve at the same rate... So we are seeing an increase in antibiotic resistant strains of disease (Bird Flu / Swine Flu / MRSA) and because antibiotics have stopped our immune systems evolving when a disease finally fully overtakes the level at which antibiotics protect we run the risk of a global epidemic which we are unable to fight off. When you are ill, doctors don’t treat you until you get worse to the last life threatening stages. You will get the same antibiotics and you’re not expected to come back until you are dying. Antibiotics were invented in the 1880’s. People thought it was amazing. A life saver. The man who made them must be a millionaire. Never the less there is a major problem. Whenever we get sick, runny nose, little cough or little belly aches, we automatically run to the doctors and ask for some antibiotics. The doctors are giving them out as if they are sweets, and we are running along to go and fetch them. Now you’re thinking, is this girl mad, these help us survive it has helped people live cured the dying and the little problems we have had for many years, but here we have it the bad news, why I think we need to get rid of these...
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