What Women Can Do; the Recreational Period

Topics: Gender, Woman, Pledge of Allegiance Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: June 23, 2013
What Women Can Do; The Recreational Period
Thesis: I see my mom as an underrated person that is obligated to be a dependent person; but uplifted herself for best.

A.There is a how and a way when you have confidence.
1.My mom felt that she could bring more money into the household for her children after many bad relationships. 2.She began to search for jobs to support her four children: two boys and two girls. B.The struggle of finding a job.

1.Although women have their rights, it is still hard to find a decent job without a degree versus to a man. 2.A man has more opportunities to work at masculine jobs that pay more than housekeeping jobs that women serve unto. II.THE WORLD

A.Building on from the bottom of the food chain.
1.Women can change the face of sexism in the minds of people in the world. 2.Women need to prove that they can carry their own weight, and then they will not be looked at as a joke. B.Do you want to die?

1.By men being in power all the time, it forces more conflicts into the world, including world wars. 2.With women, their perception of calm and collective matters can bring the world to peace and happiness. III.WHAT IS STOPING THE PROCESS

A.The holy book changes everything.
1.If we would all compromise in the hand of God, women would just take care of the kids, and obey their husbands. 2.The struggle of battling with religion has provoked the world mind with seeing the man as unequal to a woman. B.The Constitution

1.In the constitution we are one nation under God, so we have to abide by his rules. 2.Although women have a chance of growing themselves in the eyes of others, chances are still vague because of this.

End Thesis:
Women are versatile in many different ways and have the opportunity to turn this world into a better place.
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