What Were the Similarities and Differences Between the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement

Topics: Black people, Civil disobedience, Racism, African American, Nonviolence, Malcolm X / Pages: 2 (440 words) / Published: Aug 15th, 2013
What were the similarities and differences between the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement in the USA?
Aaliya Randeree

1. The author or source A, does not believe there is a great difference between the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement as in the source it says the Black Power Movement “enlarged the aims of the Civil Rights Movement”. The Civil Rights Movement started the reform and the Black Power Movement continued with it. The Black Power Movement aimed to include freedom, dignity, social equality and oppression from whites. The Civil Rights Movement “aimed at abolishing racial discrimination.” 2. The Civil Rights Movement used non- violence resistance such as bus boycotts, “sit-ins” and marches such as the Montgomery marches. 3. Martin Luther King Jr., chose Washington as its the capital of America, its the place where the white house it situated and the president lives there gaining more public attention as there are many political influential people there. 4. It proves integrationist as Martin Luther King refers to white people as “our white brothers” and that “their destiny is tied up” 5. Martin Luther King had an ideal that was achieved, he believed in racial equality which was achieved in 1967 when the States laws forbidded inter-racial marriages were finally declared unconsitional and the fair housing act of 1968 made racial descriminaton in housing illegal. 6. Do 7. Many young black Americans turned to the Black Power Movement as young activists believed non-violent tactics “could not right every social and political injustice”. They turned to the Black Power Movement as they believed that a “social change would come only with a revolution”. Many of the black Americans still lived in poverty. 8. Malcom X is justified because he is “not looking” for a fight but if people are violent to him, it will be in his self defense to fight back. He urged Blacks to be proud of their roots and achieve

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