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What We Think About Fat People in Society

By punkgirlx0x0 Oct 21, 2008 492 Words
I have my own particular views on fatness in America. I am open to many opinions, but also have my own. I am a person who is far from over weight and I know how I eat and maintain myself and I can afford to. I can’t imagine it’s easy for someone who doesn’t have the fast metabolism that I have. Reading the article “Why We Hate Fat People” by: J. Eric Oliver, I can understand both sides. Although obesity is currently a hot topic among policy movers, it is certainly not a new issue and has been a topic of concern since the early 1950s, with U.S. government agencies and health organizations publishing guidelines for obesity prevention through diet, exercise, or both. Given the fact that we are a society of non-thinkers and always believers, we are more inclined to believe all the misconceptions and over generalizations about any group of people. Society does not encourage free thinking or being yourself. It encourages self-degradation, conformity, and intolerance. Everyone who hates in some capacity has issues with themselves first. Remember, overweight people can lose weight if they choose. It might not be easy or forever, but hatred, well, that's something that's going to be a bit more difficult to lose. Both men and woman can be fat. In our society however, it is more accepted if you are male and over weight. Although men are more likely to be overweight than women, women are more likely to be obese. Among both men and women, the prevalence of overweight and obesity increases with advancing age, until about age sixty-nine, after which it starts to decline. However, during the past decade, the sharpest increase seventy percent in rates of overweight and obesity occurred among Adult ages eighteen through twenty-nine. I feel that regardless of sex, there are ways to help control weight gain or weight loss. The reason why I say this is because I can eat whatever I want and not really gain a pound. If I do gain weight it doesn’t last very long. However, I do not advertise and walk around half naked. That is what gets to me the most. I can wear that type of clothing and show off my body but I don’t, so what makes it ok if you are extremely over weight and have everything showing that shouldn’t be? “ I understand that fat women want to look and feel pretty to but I don’t think there is any way they can wake up and look in the mirror and say wow I look super great today with all the “extras” showing. If people really do try and can’t get help then at least they can say they tried. But, by eating fatty foods like donuts, McDonald’s, Ice cream, and drinking Alcohol, without exercising is no way to lose weight.

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