What We Need to Do to Help the Environment

Topics: Change, Natural environment, Earth Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: September 6, 2013
As I stand before you today I want to talk to you about what we as humans are doing to our planet. I want to help setup regulations and laws to help us start to make a change in our behavior. If our environment is not changed it does not bode well for us.

According to Adam’s, “we are over using the resources the earth provides for us.” (Adams, 2010). If we keep using the amounts of oil, cutting forests at the rate we are, contaminating water supplies, and over use energy sources at the rate we are going at some point we will run out. These resources according to Adams , “are finite, and when they are gone they are gone.” (Adams, 2010). “Eventually these resources can be recycled but like most things this only happens over time.” (Adams, 2010). The major problem we are facing is the fact that we are using up the resources faster than they are able to be regenerated.

“Every person on the planet plays a part in using up these resources”. (Adams, 2010). It is our job to help reduce the amount of resources we use. If we do not make changed sometime soon they we will be to blame when we alter things beyond repair in our life times or the life times of our children and grandchildren. The parts we are playing include, “releasing gases in to the ozone, polluting river lakes and oceans, and destroying the last natural habitats of the animals.” (Adams, 2010).

As humans we have 2 choices for our future. (Adams, 2010). The first is to take responsibility for what we have done. And the second is to do just like we are now because it will not happen to us. I say we choose option 1. It will take some work and it will not be easy but there are four things we can do. First, we can make small changes to help stabilize our environment. This would be choosing to use less gas, use less water and helping to keep forests for animals. Second, we can help to ensure future generations are not left to make drastic decisions when we can make small changes now that will help reduce...
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