What was the Nuremberg Trials about?

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What was the Nuremberg Trials about?
The Holocaust was a trouble time for many people and when it was over of many it wasn't over for others. The Nazis did horrible things and people wanted justice, that's when the Nuremberg Trials started. The Nuremberg Trials concise of three main things, the crimes that were committed, what happened to the people that were convicted of the crimes, and who were people that here convicted with a crime. There were many crimes committed during the Holocaust; so many that criminal charges were drawn up on four counts. Count one, Common Plan or Conspiracy and count two, Crimes against Peace that covers "planning, preparing, initiating, or waging a war of aggression. Count three, War Crimes, acts that violated the law and customs of warfare which covers murder, and ill-treatment of people." (Berenbaum 199) "Count four, Crimes against Humanity, such as mass murders, enslavement, deportation, and other humane acts against civilian population. (Rice 18) All of the crimes that where committed there has to be consequences. During the Trails there were 600 lawyers and investigators working to solve the cases (Morin). The three main charges were crimes against peace, war crimes, and ill treatment of people (Kallen 16). The main consequences were ten years of prison, fifteen years of prison, twenty years of prison, a life sentence, hanging and occasionally people were acquitted (Rice 92).There is no limitations of when someone is can be brought in for crimes against humanity. This means that a Nazi member could be brought to court to be tried no matter how much time has passed because he committed the crime (Rice 78). The Nuremburg Trails was something major because it leads to the prosecution of many Nazi leaders and everyone else involved with the Holocaust. After Adolf Hitler had died (the guy responsible for starting the Holocaust) many of his followers and close friends tried to carry on his legacy (The Nuremburg Trials (the book)...

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