What was the difference between high and popular culture in the eighteenth century

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What was the difference between high and popular culture in the eighteenth century? A number of things would distinguish between high and "popular" culture. I think that "popular" as referenced here is something of a mis-nomer. Probably high and low would be more accurate characterizations. What I think distinguished high culture of this periord from those of other eras, was its extreme taste for the ornamental and superflousness. Members of the societal elite, were very fond of wigs; both men and women wore them. The women's wigs were sometimes huge, towered above their heads for a foot or more. These were, for those who could afford them, interwoven with jewels, etc. Their attire in general had many, extraneous folds, plaids, etc., solely for show; and very cumbersome I would imagaine to put on, move around in, and remove. Another distinguishing trait, was one of education. The masses of people were illiterate, could not even read or wirte. The upper classes nearly always studied latin, in addition to their native languages, and sometimes even Greek. The privileged, in addition to literature to entertain them, also had a refined music: harpsichords abounded in homes of the wealthy. The closests any peasant came to hearing a musical instrument of any consequence, were the local church organs during mass. One can only imagine the degree of differences in their diet. Such delights as venison were reserved for the monarch or upper nobility. Anyone caught poaching, was unceremoniously hung on the spot. I am sure another responder to your question, will come up with other differences, but as of the moment, the above is all I can think of.  The difference between a mass culture and a popular culture? Mass Culture is an amalgam of ideas, values, beliefs, attitudes , perspective due to common exposure of the population to cultural activities, norms, traditions and same media sources. Mass culture is made available to the masses either with the help of mass media like...
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