What types of crushers can be used to crush limestones?

Topics: Construction, Crusher, Mineral Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Limestone ore not only one of the main raw material for cement production resources, and construction engineering materials directly, while the rich resources, but due to the limitation of the location and traffic conditions, structure, composition of different, its use also vary, failed to develop more, just as the direct material of construction projects, with the continuous development of traffic and the continuous improvement of the infrastructure construction, will get comprehensive utilization and deep processing to develop continuously. In cement production process, the first problem is limestone crushing.

Industry in the first and most commonly used coarse crusher, jaw crusher, jaw crusher work, motor through a belt pulley eccentric shaft rotates, the moving jaw cycle to close, leave the fixed jaw, thereby to material extrusion, rolling, grinding and other multiple broken, make material from large to small, gradually whereabouts until discharge through the discharge port. In recent years, mine development has been gradually increased, artificial or mechanical of useful natural mineral resources exploration, the key is ore crushing, processing of finished ore used in metallurgy, construction, chemical industry and other industries. With expanded domestic demand of national construction and infrastructure construction increased, demand of crushing the application and related machinery, cone crusher market prospect is bright.

In the construction of railway engineering, the crusher is in the process of building necessary equipment. How the uneven strength and size larger stones broken rail foundation for bedding, this program need crusher efficient processing. Recently the ministry of railways encourage guide the folk capital investment, including participation in railway construction, passenger and cargo transportation services, equipment design and manufacture, etc. The call caused many enterprises to actively participate in the boom. Especially many...
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