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KWL (Brainstorming Activity) - A collaborative work
Time: 10:00-11:00

Topic: Computer as Tutor (pg. 50-55)
    K    -     what you know before reading the text     W     -     what you what to learn before reading the text     L     -     what have you learned after reading the text

Please in bullet form.

Levedario Toral
Jonniel Miano
Don’t Interfere !!!
Computers is one of the most commonly used technology in learning and in aiding the needs of our commercial businesses. In our learning, we use computers as tutors to help us understand even more and learn broadly about the subject. In business, we use computers in aiding our incapabilities in improving our business. We are interested to know more about computer as a tutor. Specially how it was able to: give information and what program or application is the most useful and effective, what sites are reliable in giving us information that we wanted to know.   We have learned that computers can be

used as a teaching tool in our teaching – learning process. It provides application that enhances the quality of learning and programs that let us experience to have a joyful learning and reliable sources that helps broaden our knowledge.

Saga and Moranta

Computer is a programmable usually electronic device used to retrieve, to share, to inform and provide needs in terms of tecnology especially for the students, a device that enables us to communicate and our work to become more convenient. We want to know the other usage of computers that can be useful in our field as a future educators in imparting knowledge towards students. As a future teachers we’ve learned that computers play an essential role to us individuals in a way of learning techniques in enhancing the knowledge of the learners for them to have not just a learnings but rather the meaningful learning itself.   

Computer is a part of technology which enable us to communicate with others, store files, make our work convenient make our life easier and exciting. We want to learn the techniques or strategies on how to make individualize instruction that provides knowledge to the learners and at the same time motivates them to learn. Computer indeed a tool for programmed instuction but it can never replace the teacher because the teacher plays the vital role in delivering information and controlling the learning environment.

Jay Ayog and Bonnie Gonzales
Computer is the latest technology invented due to creative thinker, curiousity and to supply the needs of man. These technology can be the aid for teacher in teaching-learning process in which the learning of the students become more effective and more participative. we want to learn the different software and technique in manipulating this latest technology on how we can use this as innovation for education at the same time as unique teaching aid for the leaners to be more participative and effective teaching-learning process. Computers are very helpful for teacher especially in this technology generation where learners are digital natives. it can be the assistant of teacher in making participative activities at the same time in teaching. It can help learner to learn independently. Through this technology, the development in educational system is continue to progress and  this will continue to develop the own thinking of the learners and the teacher as well.

Sayson and Calipsan work - STEALING IS AN OFFENSIVE CRIME... KNOW
Computer is an electronic and information device that can access and retrieve data. Nowadays, through computer, we can communicate people in and out of the country. We can easily gather information and share data.

By using computer, our work can be more convenient to do.
We want to discover and explore things beyond knowing.
We want to be skillful enough in using computer applications...
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