What to Expect from the Sign Industry

Topics: Sign, Customer, Cost Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: May 12, 2010
Jayemmanuel Hipolito

What to Expect From the Sign Industry Venturing into the sign industry is no different than venturing into any other type of industry. As a former sign business laborer and owner, I believe knowing the cost of materials needed to start, the profitable margins of the sign industry, and the labor costs in making even the most basic of signs, “a decal sign” are factors that should be greatly considered before fully committing into opening a sign business. As any other business, you would need certain materials that can be pricy to make the product. Basic materials needed by anyone making a sign are markers, squeegees, cutters, transfer tape, and rulers which are manageable and affordable. A computer, plotter, and software that are needed to design, make, and plan the making of signs; these are the heart of the business. Now the computer has to be able to process and write at pretty quick speeds. The plotter itself is a pricy purchase, but now you’re able to rent or lease them from various places. Getting the right plotter will determine what you can offer to your clients and customers, because certain plotters are now able to do other types of signs, not just vinyl signs. Lastly software isn’t as pricy but is still expensive, and can get more expensive if you’re looking to use the software on multiple computers. That will cost you, because you will have to purchase software locks for each computer. Having been in the sign business myself, I not only find this to be true, but also know of the profitable margins of the business from within. At the time of running my business, I believe profit margins were at its peak. For example a client, who I have done business with, came in asking for an illuminated sign box roughly measuring 2’ x 20’, to be fabricated, made, and installed. I gave him an estimate of $1400 - $1500. Only because, I have done signs for him in...

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