what to do in a speech

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What should you do and not do when giving a speech?
When I was younger my dream was to become a dancer, as the years passed by I was falling more and more in love with the idea of being able to tell a story with just some music and my body. When I was 14 I remember dancing for all the presidents of South America, I felt so proud of myself because what president would have time for a little girl with that nonsense. It was so easy to move around, along with the music, to put on facial expressions when they where needed to make it more dramatic and convincing. It was so easy for me to get their attention because I was doing something I loved and was confident of. The funny thing is that once I was up to talking one on one with the Colombian president my hands became sweaty my knees became week, my face red and my hair greasy and I am pretty sure I drove him crazy moving around from side to side.

I was nervous, very nervous actually and that is why years later I decided to take a speech class because I realized that I was very comfortable by telling stories with my body but I wasn’t comfortable by telling stories with my words. “Communication is the process of sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings with each other in commonly understandable ways” (pearson ch1) We all have something we are very comfortable doing, a way that we express ourselves. Some of us dance, others paint, and draw, sing, run and some give speeches. But no matter what you do to express yourself you’ll always encounter a situation where you’ll have to have public speaking knowledge. What do I mean by this? Well we have does and don’t when standing in front of the crowd, and some of them might be very small but once you start realizing what it is that you do it will be so hard to stop it unless you dedicate yourself to fixing the problem. Some of the don’ts are so hard to fix because we use them on our everyday life. For example teenagers will have a horrible time trying to avoid the word...
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