What this Cruel War was Over Review

Topics: American Civil War, Critical thinking, Confederate States of America Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: May 6, 2014
Current Reading’s Review
What This Cruel War Was Over, by Chandra Manning, so far has focused mostly on the happenings in the thoughts of the the soldiers, both Union and Confederate, shortly before the Civil War began. Manning focus on what she believes her evidence points to most strongly for the purpose of the men who joined the military forces in wake of the impending war. For those of the confederate south, it all came down to slavery right from the start. Whether it was a law of amendment that they believed infringed on their rights, to the loss of their Masculinity because the white men feared they could not control the things that the believed proved themselves men. For those in the north, it didn’t always seem to be about slavery. A lot of the discord was simply cause by the Unions strong believe and support of their government. However as a full out war drew inevitably closer the people of the south, whether they believed in abolition or not, it was clear that freeing the slaves would be the only way to end the war. Manning most definitely knows a great amount about the Civil War, and it is quite evident that she has done a massive amount of research. However she is rather one sided on her belief that it was slavery that caused the war. Even when she mentions one reason other wise, she finds away to include slavery. While it’s great that she can support her thoughts, without giving opposing ideas I feel like book is missing the mark. Another low point about the book is the repetitiveness. This applies to many different aspects in this book, two of which I will elaborate on. Firstly I understand the need to use quotes in a book that focuses solely on the thoughts of humans. However when there are paragraphs that consume the entire page with nothing but quotes that all state the same thing. I would rather well thought out quotes, then excessive spamming of repetitive quotes. Secondly, what most people could adequately explain on around

4-5 sentences,...
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