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Bird Thongchai Mcintyre


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Present to
Aj. Keofar    Kesornsook

This report is part of 1001113 Art Appreciation
Mae Fah Luang University
First Semester, Academic Year 2013

Who is "Bird"?
He is artist, he is singer, he is actor, and he is entertainer and also is narrator. He is Thongchai McIntyre or Thai people usually call "Pi Bird". Bird had another name when he was small "Albert". Maybe name "Albert" became shorter and has been "Bird". Many people also call him "Bird Thongchai" or "Bird Mcintyre".

Why we choose Bird?
His ability is accepted by everyone. He is a good idol for young people I never heard bad news from him. His works are interesting. He has own character. He is always friendly. He is the first people that we think, when we talk about Thai super star. Its same feeling although the time past for a long, we still excited and impress when watching his shows. No one doesn’t know him. When his song release everyone can sing and dance, everyone still recognize his song. That why his song going to be hits single He was intended and committed to own responsibility. That show he was respected himself. Bird was trained and development himself. He is opened mind, respectable and consistent .Bird is a lovely person with everyone. I feel that Bird has base in good mental, optimistic and cheerful. He got a lot of awards, good-looking, nice voice, and charm. He is the person who gives sincerity that likely to get sincerity back. He is polite and appropriate behavior. Bird is honest to himself, profession and fan club.  Bird love everyone that why everyone love Bird.

Bird's profile
Thongchai McIntyre (Bird) was born on December, 8, 1958 in Bangkok. Now he is 54 years old. His father name’s James who was half-Scottish/Thai sadly died when Bird was still a child. In terms of his mother, her name’s Udom McIntyre who was a Malaysian. Hence, since his father died, Bird was grown up by his mother and he is very close to her. Fans of Bird will know that he has always talked about his father as a hero and that he loves his mother most. Bird is 9th son from 10 children in his family. He is still single. He is Buddhist. His nationality is Thai. His height is 177 cm. and weight is 65 kg. Now, he works at GMM Grammy (public) Co.,Ltd. He graduated from Wat Nimanoradee School in primary, Then, Wat Punyaworakun School in Secondary. And, diploma from Thonburi Commercial College. (Panitchayakarn Thonburi). Lastly, he got the honorary degree (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Rajamangala University of Technology. Because of Bird is funny and friendly, so he was affectionate of teachers and friends. And he is polite and gentle, so he got a good manners award from his school. Moreover, Bird loves to do activities, such as he was a footballer and basketball player. Although his childhood was not easy because of family's bad economy but he always says that his childhood was fun and full of happiness. He could enjoy everything even no money. Bird's life change

Because his family is a musician family, he grows up among the music atmosphere. After he finished from college, he started working in bank as a bank officer. Between working in bank, he had a chance to meet a famous Thai TV producer "Kai Varayuth" who saw Bird's entertainer talent. Bird played first TV series with Kai and also worked in bank. His talent was revealed. Soon he...

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