What the Library has to offer

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What the Library Has to Offer
INF 103: Computer Literacy
Instructor Patricia Anderson
May 17, 2014
What the Library Has to Offer
Libraries have many things to offer to different types of people. They have books, articles, and recordings to help people with their research or to continue their learning. The Ashford Library takes all the things that are in a normal library and makes them digital for the students. There are many scholarly articles/journals in the Ashford Library and the library can help you to be most effective and efficient in finding the topics that you are searching for. There are many benefits to using the Ashford Library, but what is the difference between scholarly and popular sources and what are the ways to be most effective and efficient in finding research? Some of the benefits of using the Ashford Library include that the library is digital and the library has many scholarly articles. With the Ashford Library being digital, it offers students the same thing that a regular library offers. For example, the books and journals have been converted from their original form to a digital form. This allows the students to do their research at home instead of going into a public library to do research. Another benefit of using the Ashford Library is that you have access to many different scholarly journals. During the completion of your degree, you will have to do journal reviews and research. By having these scholarly journals in the Ashford Library, helps you to complete these assignments feeling reassured that the information that you gathered was from a scholarly source. There are two different type of sources; scholarly and popular. Scholarly sources consist of scholarly journals, books, and more. Scholarly journals are articles that are written by scholars or by someone that has done research in the field that the journal covers. These scholarly resources have original research. Popular resources, on the other hand, are magazines and...
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