What the American Woman Wants/What the Black Man Wants

Topics: Minority group, Human rights, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Diana Martinez
Ms. Gorman
AP Lang and Comp
Period 3
What the American woman wants/What the black man wants
The 1800’s were hard times for those who weren’t white males. Every other human being was basically considered a minority including American woman and African Americans. There came a point where the minority groups had enough of their voices being ignored which is when fearless leaders in each group appeared. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Fredrick Douglas were the brave souls of their groups. Douglas and Stanton were leaders of two different minorities but fought for similar causes, with the powerful use of metonymy, invection, and allusions their cry for equality ignited a spark that hasn’t let out to this day.

As Douglas and Stanton made their speeches in front of the white males in power they both made sure to let them know they were one voice out of many who felt the same way by using metonymy. Stanton tells her audience ,“But we are assembled to protest against a form of government existing without the consent of the governed—to declare our right to be free as man is free…”(Stanton 8). Douglas tells his audience, “We all feel, in the existence of this rebellion, that judgments terrible…and we feel, in view of these judgments, just now, a disposition to learn righteousness” (Douglas 37). When they say “we” or “our”, words that mean more than one person, lets their audience know they are not alone. They speak on behalf of everyone in their minority group and intend on making a change together. Their use of metonymy gives strength to their speeches because they sound unified and strong. Working together will help them gain what they are fighting for much easier than fighting the battle for equality on their own.

In order to speak in front of an audience, who will be the only one to determine the faith of your argument, you have to be brave but also speak with an invective tone to make sure they know you are not leaving until a...
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