What Technology Will Do for the Future of Society

Topics: Computer, Human, Personal computer Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: November 19, 2008
The best way to take a look at what technology will do for the future of society is to take a look at how society has already developed. Civilization has come a long way since the early days of hunter/gatherer societies. A lot of the change is primarily due to them adapting to lifestyles with the discovery of new inventions. Back in prehistoric times, the development of being able to create fire altered life from savagery to being a little more developed people.(2) When the Aborigines of Australia were introduced to the steel axe, their life as the new it was transformed from a patrilineal civilization, stripping the males of some of their status, to a society where women also shared in the power.(book) Also, the wheel, for instance, gave humans the ability to accomplish tasks in a more efficient way, as well as the ability to travel.(2) All of these are good examples, but it is the computer that will inevitably alter human life in an incredible way. With the invention of computers, traveling, in many respects, is no longer necessary. People can be in contact with others around the globe, instantly, at the touch of a button. Online shopping is just a click away, with next day delivery, it is more convenient than going to the store yourself. Online education is becoming the norm, and even online dating has become the new craze. This eliminates the “courting”, making a date into more of a menu option.(3) This is just the beginning. Computer technology has started to change how the military runs their operations. Before now the military stuck to operations on land, sea and in the sky. Now they are taking this information and building instruments of warfare to be abler to perform in space. (book) Society has reached this level extremely quick. In 1940 the first computers were used for military use during WWII, which took up the same space as a small room. Now, in 2008, it is not uncommon for young children to own their own laptop.(3) Apple actually...
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