What Success Means to Me

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What Success Means To Me

A great deal of people define success as living a life of luxury with brand new expensive vehicles, a big beautiful home and so much money you couldn’t possibly spend it in this lifetime. I’m not one of those persons. I can define success in one word; stability. When you reach a point in your life where all your bills are paid, you have a roof over your head, even if it’s just a small studio apartment, and you’re not worried about where your next meal will come from, I believe you have become successful.

If you’re wondering what is meant by “stability”, I’ll give you an example with my own personal life. From the age of 21 to 36 I was addicted to a drug called crystal meth. I started out just using on the weekends than it gradually became an everyday thing when it started getting too difficult to get out of bed to work Monday morning. After my weekend partying became an addiction, I eventually lost my job at the Stanislaus County Superior Court where I was a legal clerk for a year and a half. Not having a job led to committing crimes such as robbery and selling the drug so I could support my habit. Committing those crimes landed me in jail. My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, was court ordered to complete a year program at a recovery house in Manteca. After two months of rehabilitation, he gave me the option of joining him in the program or losing his number. I chose to go to the program and get clean with him. It’s been almost a year since I have completed the program and I now have my own apartment, my husband and I are night managers at a motel and I’m going to school. My rent is paid every month, I can cook a homemade meal every night and I can put gas in my car to get me to places I need to go. That to me is success.

It’s not easy to reach that stable point in your life. You have to put in work to do it. You first have to take a look at your life and decide what circumstances, people or things are in the way of

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