What Steps I Should Follow If I Want to Write a Study Plan?

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What steps I should follow if I want to write a Study Plan?
After becoming familiar with the MALIC handbook and the online campus, please write down a plan for your studies in the form of an essay and submit it as a PDF file.

1) Please include a table of contents, introduction, two short sections on: (1) proposed plan and (2) planned contingency options for unexpected events, and of course, a bibliography. 

2) The plan should be a road map for your FULL MALIC programme, complete with specific calendar terms (January 2013, April 2013, etc.) in which you envisage to follow each of the required modules, the Zurich or York residency, the dissertation, and fallback options in case of unexpected events. If at the time of writing these dates are not yet available in the REGISTER tab, use the January/April/July/October pattern.

3) Please also cite at least two or three works supporting some of your choices (for example, supporting literature on time management, such as (Covey, 1998)), even if they have to be far-fetched to fit as a citation, this is an exercise in bibliography management.

4) Word count: max. 600 words. Word counts do not include title pages, tables (of contents, of figures, or tables), bibliography, or annexes. Include the effective number of words on the cover page of your submission. An example cover page is found in the MALIC Handbook.

This assignment will be mock-graded, that is to say you will receive a grade, although it will have no impact whatsoever on your MALIC programme gradebook.

Failure to address any of the above four required points triggers assignment failure.

As your student number will be issued 3 weeks after the start of your first for-credit module, your full name will be a good substitute for the purposes of this particular assignment. Please bear in mind though that for future submissions you should always use your student number on the cover page. When your student number has been issued, it will appear...
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