What Should a Mission Statement Look Like

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Welcome to Funky Mannequins: a wholesale supplier of full figured glass fibre mannequins, torsos, and other display forms. We have a varied range of funky and sophisticated styles for you to feast your eyes on! What is really special about our Funky Mannequins is that all of them are made with expert care with attention given to face detail, make-up and surface appearance.

"Funky Mannequins": where cool designs are matched with high quality workmanship and superior customer service.

Why Do I Need Mannequins?

Mannequins are an essential tool in the visual presentation of your company's products. You may have a small boutique or a chain of retail outlets, Mannequins project your style, vibe, and image helping you attract customers and develop your market presence. We offer some of the smartest designs around with a huge choice of design styles - Funky, Funny, Fabulous - Weird, Wacky, Wonderful - Conservative, Classic, Cool - you choose.

Sure, you could put your outfits on hangers and suspend them from your racks, but that's not going to get your store much attention from customers. Displaying your company image through visual merchandising with Funky Mannequins is a vital selling strategy. All around your stores and in your window displays Mannequins properly positioned and displayed will attract new customers and get people talking.

Mannequins are an effective way to engage your customers in imagining how your clothes will look on them.

Across the globe, women are embracing their curves. Caribbean women in particular, are notorious for a having a more girlie, hippie, and curvaceous figure. We at Funky Mannequins specialize in manufacturing these types of mannequins, capable of striking a variety of poses. Our Mannequins have varying facial features, which mimic the ethnic diversity indigenous to the Caribbean.

Let Funky Mannequins wide variety of mannequins and display alternatives enhance your visual presentations. Each Funky...
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