What Should Be Done with the Canadian Senate?

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What Should Be Done With the Canadian Senate?
Friday, 9 December 2011

The Canadian Senate has a large role in the Canadian Government. Regardless of the fact that many Canadian’s believe that the Senate should be abolished, I believe that the Senate plays a large role in Canadian order, they are the final stepping-stone for each law passed in Canada. But I do believe the Senate must reconsider and change a select few rules and qualifications for being a senator. I will emphasize and expand my argument on those points in this essay.

The book “How Parliament Works” by: Bejermi, John, Published in 2000 describes the legislative branch of the Canadian government, and explains how the Canadian Senate has 105 seats in the Canadian Parliament, and each Canadian Senator is recommended through the Canadian Prime Minister, and is appointed through the Governor General who represents the Queen. The Legislative Branch is very professional and in great order, but there are two things that I feel should be changed. The first thing to be reconsidered is the appointment of the Senators through Prime Minister Steven Harper. I believe that the Canadian Senate’s required qualifications should be changed. In order for you to be elected you must be over the age of thirty to get elected by the Governor General as a Senator, and to serve the Government of Canada.

The Canadian Parliament is divided into various branches, the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch, both of which are represented by the Queen who in turn is represented by the Governor General. The Executive branch represents the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, and The Legislative represents the House of Commons and the Senate. The Parliament of Canada has three branches, The Queen who appoints a Governor General to represent the Queen on her behalf, The House of Commons and then The Senate. The House of Common’s is the lower house of Parliament, and The Senate is the Upper half of the Canadian...

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Friday, December 9, 2011
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