What should be done to tackle cybercrime?

Topics: Computer crime, Fraud Pages: 18 (4912 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Introduction p.3
Financial Impacts p.4
Types of cybercrime p4-5
Causes p.6
Effects p7-9
Solution and Problem p9-12
Conclusion p12-13
Bibliography p14-22
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Recently, Internet plays a crucial role in the world. No one can evade Internet in his or her daily life. Due to the Internet to being more popular, more and more people use the Internet to do illegal activities which is called cybercrime. According to the UK government research, cybercrime means “the illegal activities undertaken by criminals for financial gain”. On the other hand, Internet bullying also is a type of cybercrime becoming more and more serious now. President Obama announced that “cybercrime is a one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face" (Guardian 2011 (B)). Nowadays, Britain is faces an “electronic 9/11", according to the Lord Harris of Haringey (The Guardian, 2011, C). Someone think that cybercrime is out of control already. For example, the top 100 businesses and bank are trusted that and they trying to deliberate how can solve this problem (The Guardian, 2011, D). Cybercrime not only create harmful effect individual, it also creates tremendous influence in the UK’s economy and policy. In this essay, the most serious difficulties are about the data of cybercrime not always rehabilitation and different countries have various policies to unscramble this problem. The aim of this essay is to suggest what is the most appropriate and effective way to tackle cybercrime. However, this will essay only focus on the crime which happen in the Internet and not demonstrate about the crime organize in this platform.

Financial Impacts

Most data points out that the situation of cybercrime is becoming more and serious. In the UK, about 43.5 million native British, which are 84% of the total population use the Internet at least once a week in 2013 Q1 (ONS, 2013). Similarly, in the world Internet, approximately 2 billion cyber users are active (GOV.UK, 2011). Simultaneously, the cyber customer in the UK were lost the most capital compares to other countries (The Guardian, 2012, G) .The cost of cybercrime was about £ 7.2 billion and lost approximately £ 525 million in 2011. Unsurprisingly, the cost of spent into protect the cyber was increase into 9.2 billion (BBC, 2013) whereas the total loss amount of money of the cybercrime was about £ 405.8 million in 2012(The Guardian, 2013, G) .By comparison, the country that is the most serious in cybercrime is USA; it had lost about $525 million in cybercrime (ICS, 2011) .In addition, Cecilia Malmström also claims that the public in EU lost about 1.5bn in credit and fraud (Guardian, 2013, G)

Types of Cybercrime

Cyberspace is a platform for everybody to lead his or her life to be more convenient and efficient. It is not for people to steal, hack, spy and disrupt other’s information or government infrastructure. According to the government research, cybercrime can be classified into 7 types crime that is called cyber bullying which means user thought post word or media in the Internet to make somebody feel upset (BBC Learning Parents); fiscal fraud which is cyber lawbreakers acquire individual data from individuals (such as address, date of birth or bank account information); customer data loss, that means the customer loss their secluded information through security vulnerabilities of online banking or shopping; theft from business which is steal and hack private and confidential information from firms and...

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