“What Scientific, Health and Technological Advancements Might I See in 50 Years from Now.”

Topics: Bionics, The Bionic Woman, Apartment Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Through the years, many changes and advancements have occurred for the better. These changes include music, technology, medicine advancements, cars, sports etc. In the next 50 years, a lot more is going to change and occur for the better, or maybe for the worst. We never know what is going to happen until we get there.

One area in which great advancements have been made with technology is the medical field.  I think that hospitals should be equipped for robotical surgery; the surgeons place their arms into robotic arms and perform surgery with the use of the robotics.  Certainly, many more advancements will be made in the medical field then this.  Perhaps their will be bionic arms and legs as were portrayed in old TV shows such as The Bionic Woman. Another advancement that is sure to go further in the medical field is the isolating of genes that carry certain traits such as the recent discovery of the gene that cause migraine headaches. Another is also for the disabled, there have been technological advancements.  Blind people have opportunities increased for them with such advancements of the braille writer that can be carried.  This braille writer will "read" back what the student has recorded, as well.  So, students can take notes and have them recalled whenever they wish. And, surely, more advancements will be made.

I believe the changes we will see in the next fifty years will be flying cars; just like the old cartoon show the Jetsons, we will be advanced into purchasing flying cars. In this area it also includes jet packs, and any other flying devices to make the commute to where ever you are going much faster. Other transportations advancements that I think will occur are flat esclator paths in the cities towards stations. We might even see time travel, traveling back or forth to a time which we use to live in or a time where we never thought could exist. Of course these machines we only see in movies, but I am sure if they were created, a lot of...
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