What Role Does Art Play in Your Life?

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Keona Lollis

AP Studio Art

Mrs. Lindstrom

December 15, 2010
Artist Statement
What Role does Art play in your life?
Art to me is an expression of the mind through drawing, sculpting, painting, etc. art plays a major role in my life because after I graduate from high school I would like to become a fashion designer or an artist. If I become a fashion designer I would like to own my own business in fashion. But if I become an artist I would like to live in a big house and draw and paint portraits of people all day and sell them to make money. For now,as far as art and loving art, I would not trade my life as a young artist for any other subject in the world. In my opinion this feels like where I belong and being a young artist is the best choice that I ever made.

Why did you select the work you submitted for your Art/Photography portfolio?
I selected these eight pieces of art for my portfolio because these are the pieces that I most enjoyed working on and they show the thing that I like to draw. These pieces are mostly portraits of different people worked in various mediums and different artists’ styles. And these are the things that interest me most in drawing and painting my artwork.

How do you hope people will react when they look at your work?
I hope that when people look at my artwork they think that it is the best work that they have yet seen and would like to see more of my works. I also hope that when people view my work that they see that I am a great artist and my work is what that look forward to seeing in the future in many different galleries all over the world. In other words I want them to see that I have potential to become anything that I want to be with my art skills. I also want people not just to look at my work and tell me how good it is but also look at my work and tell me how I can improve on my work because everyone has room for improvement no matter how good the work may be.
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