What Qualities Have Led to Bec’s Success so Far?

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Information systems Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: February 4, 2012
What qualities have led to BEC’s success so far?
The success of BEC can be attributed to a number of factors. The organization has used segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies in order to diversify the market. For instance, the company has opened stores in Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and US. All the products sold by the company have been categorized into video games and recorded music. This offers the consumers variety and choice. BEC is also quick to seize business opportunities. For instance, BEC has invested heavily in information systems like the venture in online marketing. To ensure that the organization is not trapped in the cyclical nature of the expansion and contraction of sales video games, the company has devised a model for integration into all stores. ‘The game trading model’ ensures that users of the video games can exchange used video games for other videos on a rental basis. Instead of opening new stores for online distribution network, the organization uses the already existing ones. This has been a competitive advantage as consumers can access movies and videos simultaneously, thus cutting down costs. The management system at BEC is based on information systems where leadership plays a great role (Vankatesh, 2008). IS systems ensures that an organization makes effective decisions (Alwis & Higgins, 2001; Ajayi & Fadekemi, 2007). This ensures that decisions are easily made and the flow of information hindered. The IS at BEC has the capacity to share information in all outlets. The presence of computers, servers, POS (point of sale) in every store and computer systems enables the organization to handle the BEC consumer transactions from different outlets. The organization makes sure that the transactions are updated on consumers’ rentals. Is the IS organization at BEC poised to undertake significant systems development in the near future? Like any other organization, BEC has to adopt new technology and systems. The current business...
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