What Organizations, Ideologies, and Leaders Did Africans Create and Engage in the 20th Century to Promote and Advance Their Liberation?

Topics: 20th century, African people, Sociology Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: May 7, 2012
What organizations, ideologies, and leaders did Africans create and engage in the 20th century to promote and advance their liberation? [Abstract]
The 20th century composed of many organizations ideologies and leaders helping to promote and advance liberation both in America and worldwide. These different entities worked to defy the social structure filled with aspects of conservatism and oppression and rather upheld the Africana sense of governance and encouraged socialism in terms of a more broad and pervasive perspective on civil rights. Additionally, many leaders, Nelson Mandela, MLK, and Madame C.J. Walker, to name a few, made domestic and international differences advancing the Africana community through different inventions, revolutions, and defiance.

[Critical Review of Scholarship]
In my essay I chose to use multiple references from both the syllabus and my class notes. As the ground platform for not only what we will be covering in class over the whole semester but also the basis of what African studies is, the syllabus also provides vital background information on concepts that I will need to understand to successfully finish the Introduction to Afro-American Studies course. As the primary text of the course it is imperative to thoroughly comprehend every part of the syllabus from the ground rules to intellectual work, to the framework questions which we will be discussing and answering as the class continues. The syllabus provided to my class has been inexplicably helpful in assisting in the complete understand of the concepts that although basic to the course are difficult and new to an incoming and ill-informed student body.

Additionally, I chose to implement many notes from class into my essay. These points are essential to the strength of the paper because it is in lecture that some of the most untainted thoughts are presented to the class by the professor. These “footnotes” are vital to total understanding of any given concept and link...
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