What or who changed my life

Topics: Menstrual cycle, High school, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1212 words) Published: October 18, 2014
 English 101
7 September 2014
Becoming a 16 year old mother changed my life
Becoming a 16 year mother changed my life in more ways than one. I was totally blown away knowing that I would have to devote my time, love, energy, smile, and money to another human being. Motherhood at such a young age was not a box of chocolate. In fact, it is a continuous fun, exciting, and overwhelming learning experience. Nevertheless, being a full-time mother, student, and wage-earner assisted in the astonishing mother I am today.

It was a normal sunny fall school morning in September of 1993, when I first noticed for the second month in a row I hadn’t had my menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycles in my world were unpleasant, heavy, unbearable, and caused me to blackout. Noticing another month without my cycle certainly raised a red flag. However, I continued on about my school day. In the blink of an eye the month of October was here. At this point I am feeling alarmed and fearful. After a few weeks pass by, I start to feel very ill. I began to feel activity inside my stomach. In this case, feeling punch kicks, rolls, and wiggles were very uncomfortable. My first thought was I have got to be pregnant! The following morning, while getting ready for school I began to vomit all over myself. As I jumped up I experienced an episode of syncope. As I recovered from this distasteful experience, I cleaned myself up and headed to school. So for the next four months, I felt terrified to tell my parents, siblings, and even my closest peers what I’ve been experiencing. Pregnant at 16 year’s old was not a dream of mind, but a high school junior with determinations, super athletic skills, and potentials. I played softball, volleyball, track-star, and captain of the cheer-squad. With all my happenings, I hardly had time to gain weight. I mastered being pregnant, while continuing my education without anyone noticing. Until one Friday evening in February of 1994. I was getting ready for...
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