What +-Motivates Me

Topics: Future, Motivation, Learning Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: January 23, 2012
Different things motivate me to learn. I can relate to Sara’s story because I am about the same way when it comes to learning or doing something. I need to know I am going to gain something from it. I know that going back to school and getting my degree will better help my me get a better career and will benefit my family in the long run. I see myself making goals and visualizing me with my degree as Chris does with his “finish line” visual. I always prepare myself for something coming up and slowing me down which it has in the past. Real life experiences have knocked me down more than once and I can justify with Fred’s story on future and past experiences. I have been laid off first because I had no degree in my past and I look back at that and it motivates me a great deal to keep going forward with school. I like to learn new stuff and accept challenges in a new job or learning something new just like Jamie in her story.

I think what content that motivates me the most me the most to learn is Practical context. It is hard for me to just go do something without knowing I am going to benefit from it. I am the type that has to have someone push me or set me straight. For example I went on a job interview and they really liked my experience and skills but told me I wasn’t going to work out because they needed someone with a BA degree and told me that once I got so many credits under my belt they would consider me in the future if a spot is available. I have seen several job postings and they want you to have college credits. I know if I get my degree I am going to gain a lot from it and that motivates me to get out there, learn and move forward. Personal context is something I can also relate to motivate me to learn because I always visualize me getting that degree and starting my career as a Social worker or a Parole officer, so when I actually see myself doing this I get motivated and excited to do my classes. If I ever have doubt or think I...
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