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What Motivates Me

Aug 22, 2008 295 Words
What Motivates Me?

1.Getting credit for your accomplishments from your colleagues

2.Making an outstanding contribution to your community

3.Having one of your direct reports or someone you trained promoted

4.A customer refers five new clients to you

5.Being elected by your peers to represent your company

6.Being friends with your supervisor

7.Your child nominating you for Mother/Father of the Year

8.Being voted best developer of people in your company

9.A letter of appreciation from your best customer

10.A personal, one-to-one meeting in which your supervisor commends your performance

11.Having a supervisor you like

12.Your family or significant other being invited to attend an awards meeting where you are being honored

13.A personal, one-to-one meeting in which your company president commends your performance

14.A five-day trip to Hawaii for you and your family or significant other

15.A promotion

16.Being named your company’s performer of the year for your role

17.A standing ovation just for you at a national convention

18.Having a competent supervisor

19.A new title of your choice

20.Opportunity to work independently, without a supervisor

21.Certification of your competency in a new skill

22.Winning your company’s profitability award

23.Your family or significant other receiving a note from your manager thanking them for being supportive of you

24.An article about your success in your industry’s trade journal

25.Being given company stock

26.Authority to make your own decisions about your work

27.Being ranked a top-ten performer in your company

28.A day when you get all your work done

29.Being thanked by your family or significant other for being an important person in their lives

30.Opportunity for unlimited income

31.A 10% raise in salary

32.Being recognized as an expert in your field

33.Responsibility for developing a new department or division

34.A $1,000 bonus for customer satisfaction

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