what motivate employees

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What motivates employees?
Different people are motivated differently. The thing that makes one person “tick” may have no effect whatsoever on another. However, generally speaking, these motivators below are commonly used and have proven effective in majority of work places. It’s up to the management to create an environment that fosters motivation and ultimately achieve best performance of all employees. The basics, monetary rewards. Employees work for obtain better pay and better benefits. Motivation without tangible rewards are empty and unsustainable. However, employees unhappy about their jobs may seek higher compensation to justify for it. In such instances, money may prove ineffective if not counterproductive. There are also examples of people staying in their jobs for “the benefits” as opposed to the salaries. Job security. Fear of loss can be a motivator, although motivation achieved through fear is often less effective. Lacking other motivators, employee may just do bare minimum to keep the job and nothing more. Effective leadership. Good leaders earn the employees’ trust and inspire underlings to meet or exceed expectations. Trust is a very powerful tool. Employees are motivated to achieve to the best of their abilities when they are being “included” and that their interests are being looked after. Competition. Competition at work place motivate people to perform so as to stand out among peers. Some competition inspired motivation may be short-term, for example, competing for one promotion, whilst other competitions may be more long lasting, e.g. annual sales awards among sales staff of one company. Teamwork. Feeling belonging to a group, that “we’re in this together”, can be a great motivator. It’s a rewarding feeling to be working alongside peers and being each other’s keepers. Large employers frequently have company sponsored group building activities which, despite taking resources away from doing “real work”, usually...
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