What Makes a Top 100 Hospital

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What Makes A Top 100 Hospital?

Khadijah Dowdy

Devry University

What makes a top 100 Hospital?
The quality of care has been given first priority in all healthcare systems. Even though medical knowledge has expanded over time, with increased use of sophisticated technology and increased levels of physician trainings, the care quality, investment returns, and medical errors depict a healthy care system that is extremely underperforming (World Health Report,2000; Institute of Medicine, 2001). In the US, the healthcare system is always struggling as a result of the existing mismatch between financial flow, and the complexity of handling patients. Many measures are however being employed by the US government towards implementing cost controls, as well as improving the efficiency of health care industry. This is the underlying reason why the paper will analyze why John Hopkins Hospital is among the top 100. Health Care system structure

Given the reforms in the healthcare system, providers of health care will have to face severe pressure. John Hopkins, being among the Critical Access Hospitals, will have to overcome such pressures through its structure. The health care system structure is often affected by the establishment of health insurance. Health insurance and the existing trend towards health care, that is effectively managed, separate financial flow from the correlation between physicians and patients. In the current health care systems, health practitioners or physicians are directly paid for offering their services. As a result, payments made by clients to doctors do not take into consideration the costs of medical services. On the contrary, regular payments are made by employers to their Medicare, health plans, and insurance companies. Ideally, the payment is via electronic transfer from the banks. Some payments are often deducted from the salaries of an organization’s...

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