what makes a school a good one

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What makes a school a good school?
Nowadays, becoming successful is very hard to achieve. This is one of the most important things we learn at school, if it is a good one of course. This is the reason why our parents are concerned about finding a good school for us.

First of all, a good school means a school which teaches the students responsibility, wisdom, leadership etc. It is the teacher’s duty to accomplish this. So, being a good school is directly related to having good teachers. These teachers should be professionals in their field, but they should establish a good teacher-student relationship. Secondly, there are many ways for a teacher to teach his lesson. Teachers should find the proper method according to the subject they teach. Then, a good school is supplied with necessary materials to make this method efficient. In a good school there are modern ways of teaching in order to achieve good results. Students must be taught to follow the rules of society and to be behave properly. So, a good school accomplish this by applying many rules a student should follow. Some of these rules are: not to use cell-phones during the lesson, having a proper wear, taking care about the place they stay, having respect for teachers and other student and being on time.

In my opinion, a school is qualified as a good one, when it accomplishes all the mentioned above conditions and achieve preparing good-educated students.

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Marsela Kraja
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