What makes a good Teacher

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What Makes A Good Teacher?

Learning is in all of us, floating around in our gene pool. We are constantly learning new actions, expressions and methods. The majority of our learning comes from watching and listening and then copying the actions of someone we believe to be right. It is important, therefore, that a trust is built up between the teacher and the learner and the knowledge that is passed on is the correct way to behave. There are many different teaching methods, a lot depending on culture and religious background, which is why people believe in different things. Who is right and who is wrong? It seems that people will initially just believe what they are told. Further learning requires tapping into fact. Since time began there have been many ways of recording events in history and passing them on, from the cave paintings to mass preachings from a hilltop. All of these methods stood the test of time and obviously suited the generations, which they served as people believed what they saw or heard. Such knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation. Teaching methods have changed greatly over the years as cultures have mixed. It is up to a good teacher to work out which method is best suited to communicate with a particular group of individuals and discover the individual learners needs. A good teacher will inevitably be a good communicator, show enthusiasm for the subject and possess confidence and knowledge. He must also be honest and use the correct body language to build up a trust between himself and the class. A great deal of preparation and planning must go into the delivery of a good lesson, therefore a teacher will spend a great deal of time putting together session plans and teaching plans on how to best communicate a particular topic to his class. He must find new and innovative ways of teaching to keep his class interested in learning. To keep a class fully involved in the lesson he must use effective questioning...
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