What Makes a Good Hotel Web Site Good?

Topics: Search engine optimization, World Wide Web, Internet Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Haley, Mark G. What Makes a Good Hotel Web Site Good?, Hospitality Upgrade, Spring 2007, 54 Available at http://www.hospitalityupgrade.com/_magazine/magazine_Detail.asp?ID=90

In this article, the author tries to convey what kind of functionalities a hotel website should include. He thinks that these functionalities are key factors for the revenue production of a particular hotel.

Other than that, he also points out the importance of search engine optimization for the hotel websites and gives us a list of recommendations for the optimization as follows:

• Give the search engines something to find and index.
• Include keywords that people should expect to find your hotel by searching on. • Write page titles according to the content.
• Limit the use of Flash and other rich media to accents rather than foundations. • Code the navigation elements (menu items) in HTML text (good) rather than in graphic images (bad)? • Seek out inbound links, but be jealous with outbound ones. • Use internal links embedded in the copy to help the search engines know what the linked-to pages are about.

I think this article is a good start for people who are not literate enough in web technologies. The author lists the key purposes of a hotel website as follows:

• To create incremental revenue through direct online booking or stimulating direct offline booking • To project the hotel brand identity and value proposition to the traveling public and press on the Internet • To provide information about the property to enhance the guest’s stay • To provide a vehicle for a continued dialog with guests and potential guests

He also talks about what is needed for a good website in terms of functionality such as what to have's and what not to have's in the website. However, he doesnt depict how a websites' look and feel should be. I think that would be better even for people without web-development knowledge. If the aim is professionals, then a more detailed and technical...
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