What Makes Us Bad

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What makes us bad? Explain.
We become bad if we hurt others constantly in an irrational manner, being abusive and ignorant also makes us bad, these are some examples why we become a bad person, in short if we do bad things that can harm others or anything that can cause destruction to God's creations we are becoming a bad person. We are judged by others on how we act and behave and even how we treat others if we act, behave and treat others badly we are judged by others us a bad person having a bad personality. What makes us good? Explain.

We become good if we do good things. Good deeds are example of being good. It is good to be good because the consequences of doing good are more favorable than those of not being good, for example I did a good deed therefore I’ll be rewarded and avoid punishment. God is thus a surrogate parent, and by being good we gain divine reward and avoid divine punishment. Summarize: What makes us Moral

In the first part of the article the author discusses the specific reasons which scientists believe are the fundamental reasons that we are moral. The author believes that morality is important because it is the only thing that separates us from other animals. In last part of the article the author discusses why we do things that are morally considered wrong and one reason is that sometimes we can't help it, such as when someone is insane. Shared reflection about the article

Jeffrey Kluger’s article is very interesting he focuses on human being behavior. He states, that humans have a developed sense of morality which is primarily taught from childhood. Our highly developed sense of morality separates us from animals, I highly agree with it because we can distinguish what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, what is moral and immoral. Morality might be a hard...
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