What Makes Managers Effective?

Topics: Management, Decision making, Leadership Pages: 10 (3443 words) Published: January 15, 2012

In this report I plan to explain “what makes managers effective with people in the workplace today.”

During my report I am going to explore the different behaviors and skills that make an effective manager. I am going to research what I believe makes a manager effective in the work place and then plan how I could improve myself as a manager by addressing my current strengths and weaknesses.

I am going to set my report out in three sections:

What are the main challenges facing manager’s in the contemporary business environment?

An evaluation of my current managerial skills

How can I improve to make myself a better manager?

In section one I will look at what qualities make managers effective. This will include looking at:

* Communication
* Motivation
* Leadership
* Decision making

I will evaluate each quality and explain the benefits of them to a manager in the workplace. During this section I will also produce a critical evaluation of my manager interview on how he deals with management challenges.

In section two I will evaluate myself using information from online self-evaluation tests, questionnaires and feedback received from my tutor and colleagues. I hope to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses so I can understand what my managerial status is and what qualities I have that makes me a good manager at the present time.

In section three I will evaluate my SMART personal development plan and decide on what aspects I need to improve and what realistic targets I can set to help me become a better manager.

Finally I will conclude with a brief reflective summary highlighting what I have learned while creating this report. From writing this report I hope to gain a better understanding of management techniques and how manage effectively in the workplace. I hope to identify what aspects make them effective so I can improve as a manager in the future.

Section 1- What are the main challenges facing manager’s in the contemporary business environment?

When looking at effective managers in today’s workplace it is important to consider what qualities and characteristics they have that make them an effective manager. A ‘manager is an individual in an organisation who directs and oversees the activities of others in the organisation’ (Robbins et al, 2011). The question is though what makes a manager effective? In order to be effective a manager needs to complete tasks and meet goals to ensure the success and growth of an organisation. Mintzberg (2009) expresses that an effective manager brings ‘an enormous amount of energy to their work.’ According to (Robbins et al, 2011) ‘good management is concerned with both attaining goals and doing so efficiently as possible’. This represents how important meeting targets are to a manager’s success in business.

There are many different challenges which managers face on an every day basis, these range from decision making to motivating employees. When faced with a decision, a manager has to act effectively and make a final choice on what he feels is the right decision. Being a manager carries a lot of responsibility because If they make a wrong decision the blame is on them. (Robbins et al, 2011) believe that ‘decision making is the essence of management.’ Managers have to be good decision makers if they are to succeed in the contemporary business environment. It is important they plan when making decisions to discover if there is any risk involved in their possible decision. Planning helps set goals ‘which provide the direction for all management decisions and actions’ (Robbins et al, 2011). Some managers prefer to work in a team and brainstorm ideas, this provides a more balanced decision but is not always ideal as it can be time consuming and is not always practical if the decision is to be made urgently.

Leadership is another challenge managers must face if they are to become effective in the workplace. A ‘leader is...
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