What Makes Art Art

Topics: Art, Human / Pages: 2 (428 words) / Published: May 12th, 2013
What Makes Art Art I believe Art is something that can not truly be defined. Art might be thought of as just a simple picture to hang on the wall. However, Art can be many different things and mean many different things to one. My personal definition of Art would be anything created by someone. Art can include a huge variety of different things. Art can be paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, illustrations, architecture, furniture, music, poetry. I also feel that choreography could be considered an art form. One of my favorite types of Art is crafts. Not everyone might see crafting as Art but it is something created by a person. I love crafting because it is a form of Art that any age can do from a baby to an elderly person who might not be in their best state. Crafting could include clothing design, shoe design, crocheting and knitting, among others. There are even things we use every day that we would not think of as Art that often started out as Art. Like silver ware or an office machine, most things start out on paper. Art is something that can be interpreted in so many different ways and as you can see there are so many different things that can be thought of as Art. The way art looks, feels, and the ideas it brings to mind all three go together. rt can be a very therapeutic way to deal with emotions people may not be able to express any other way. I think any work that touches us on an emotional level – brings us joy or anger, tears or laughter – is art. Whenever I find a piece of art interesting all three of the factors usually come into play. Those three qualities are crucial for me. Obviously if you can not see the art how are you going to know how it makes you feel, if you it does not bring anything to your mind then how do you know how it makes you feel. What is in the art, the content, is what it all goes back to and what everything is based on. Artists can take anything and put their own twist on it and call it Art. When it comes down

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