What make a person successful

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Kochan 1 Dr. Paul Fogle What Makes A Person Successful
27 April 2011

Success Principles
There are many different success principles that are used by people who are really successful everyday, in all aspects of a person’s life. People don’t just magically become successful. It takes years of ones life to learn all the success principles that there are. Then even longer to master and apply the principles to your life. This is when one will start seeing the results that they want. Jack Canfield said, “You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.” This means that people have to be self-reliant and get the work done themselves before they begin to see the value in the principles.

The first major success principle is Perseverance. Perseverance means to keep working at something, and to never give up no matter what the circumstances may be. When ones happiness is satisfied by the work they put in is when can they can move on to another task. So many successful people have the ability to persevere, and I believe that the most inspirational is Josh Hamilton. Hamilton is a professional baseball player for the Texas Rangers, and he has a very inspirational story. When he was young and just into the minor leagues Hamilton got into the wrong crowds and tried drugs for the first time. His drug use got increasingly bad and eventually Hamilton got kicked out of Major League Baseball for good. At this Kochan 2

point many people said that Josh had hit “rock bottom.” Hamilton was devastated because he knew that he was not only hurting himself, but also his family. Hamilton was trying to fight his addiction by going to rehab, but was in and out all the time. Finally he realized that the life-style he was living was terrible and vowed to never do drugs or drink alcohol again. Not long after Hamilton was allowed back into Major League Baseball, and things only got better for him. He was voted the American League Most Valuable Player in 2010. To this day Hamilton remains sober and in the MLB. The main point of this story is to show that nothing is impossible and if I put my mind to something and stay with it, I can accomplish anything.

Perseverance very easily relates to all aspects of my life. First, I can relate it to help not only me, but also my family. Family is the most important part of my life and it is essential that I never give up on any of my family members. I need to be there to support them, whether it is a sporting event, a concert, or even just to talk. Perseverance can also boost my level of education. If I can put my all into every assignment, instead of just getting them out of the way, I will receive better grades and actually learn something from the assignment. Also, I am going to need to really good at perseverance because my future profession, accounting, can be a very frustrating at times. One small mistake can make me have to start all over. I need to just stick with it and stay calm in order to resolve the problem. Lastly, perseverance can be used in my everyday life. Everyday I have a plan or schedule of things that I need to do or where I need to be. Some days I might feel tired or sick, but I just have Kochan 3

to keep on going with the day to complete all my tasks. The ending feeling of accomplishment when I am all done is going to feel a lot better than the feeling of disappointment that I would have had if I gave up on myself. Begun is only half done. It is good that I make the effort to start something, but need to follow through with what I started. Otherwise nothing will ever become of what I tried to start in the begging, and I have only wasted my time. Perseverance is very important, however it isn’t the only principle that I need to apply to my life in order to become who I want to become. Another important success principle is to be organized. Organization is a...
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