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what make a good student

By aleeya104 Dec 16, 2013 697 Words
What Make A Good Students
Nowadays, academic is the most important thing to determine one’s success. It is undeniable as most of the country in the world used national exam as a root in their education. It is a common thing to see that there are three categories of students in school which are good students, moderate students and bad students. However, nobody in this world want to be in the third categories which are bad students, that causes all the students to compete with each other. Nothing can be done without a well planning, in order to be a good students, one must have self motivation, organized work and respect teachers.

First and foremost, a good student must have a self motivation. Self motivation means a need that arouse someone behaviour toward a goal. A student with self motivation is intrinsically motivated. They are ready to learn a new thing and gain more knowledge. They also easily learned or absorbed what had been taught by the teachers. Edwards (2016) observed that in order to succeed one must have a dream or a vision and he must completely devote himself to its ultimate fulfilment. A self motivated student will not give up upon their failure, but they would strive hard and decide which method is worthy to achieve their goal. To conclude, self motivation is needed in order to be a good student.

Beside that, organized work is also one of the factor that lead to a good student. A good students organized his task and schedule well. For instance, they make a daily timetable and listing up their homework according to its priority. They also do not procrastinate their work. Vallerand and Bissonnette suggested (as cited in Senecal, Koestner & Vallerand, 1995) that the way students regulate their behaviour can have herculean effects on academic outcomes such as curiosity, perseverance, learning, execution, affect and self esteem. A good student also has a good discipline. They disciplined themselves to follow the schedule given to them without complaining. To prove, a good student devised their work.

Next, a good student must have a respect toward his teachers. This can be done by being obey to all of the teacher’s command and never moaned about it. Showing respect is the fastest route to good ethics (Putnam, 2003). That is the prove when we respect teachers, other things will come in their way that its also lead to good ethics. For instance, a student can show his respect toward a teacher by helping him/her to bring a book, or photocopy notes for the subject. Any of the teacher would appreciated these little things and feel free to help you anytime regarding your studying problems. A student must maintain a good relationship and respect his teacher as it was the root in becoming a good student.

In a nutshell, in able to be a good student, one must have certain kind of attitude. A good student must respect his teachers. Besides, devising his work and have a high self motivation also can lead him to be a good student. Students must also build the capacity to discover their strength and weaknesses ( Zulfa, 2013, June 30 ). This can help a student to improve their weaknesses and lift up their spirit to be a good students. This can also fulfil our country aspirations in producing a student with high level of education.


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