what make people happy

Topics: Need, Want, Positive psychology Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: October 31, 2014

For me there are many things that can make people happy in the world. Making someone happy is a matter of being sensitive to one’s needs. Many pursue the common approach of knowing what the other wants in order to bring them happiness, but the truth however is that we don’t need to know what they want. Instead, we should be observant to the delicate of their aspirations. An effective method to know what can make people happy is to be sensitive to their concerns. If we truly care about knowing what would constitute happiness to a person it is wise to open our awareness to the things they treasure. Extending happiness can be as simple as a touch of affection. To make someone happy, we have to learn to appreciate them more. Give credits to the accomplishments one makes no matter how little and give importance to the efforts they’ve made. People need to appreciated one way or another and by being generously appreciated to extend happiness to someone. Helping someone proves to be the most noble from of bringing happiness to someone. Nothing brings much greater delight to a person than finding a helping hand to aid him in his moments of need. All of us need a lending hand once in a while and we feel very happy when someone gives themselves when we needed the most. Another way to makes people happy is make someone smile. Being with a person who is jolly, lighthearted and humorous illuminates our spirit. No matter how our day goes, when we’re in the company of a jovial character, it never fails to make us happy. Make an effort of putting a smile on someone’s face and we’ll never be forgotten. It is said that kindness is the universal language of love. By being kind to someone we are expressing our concern for the other. Kindness makes us realize our connection with other, irrespective of any barriers, any show of kindness act of love. It makes us happy knowing that someone have made an effort to go out of their way just to extend their grace....
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