What Lessons Learnt from the Cuban Missile Crisis Can Be Applied to Iran in This Present Day ?

Topics: Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: May 7, 2012
The Cuban missile crisis, which happened in October 1962, certainly has many lessons for us regarding nuclear warfare- or the prevention of it. However, whether the experience and knowledge gained from these lessons can be applied in Iran today is debatable. There is a relative correspondence to what happened fifty years ago in Cuba and what is happening in Iran right now- but there are also significant differences. Obviously, the main and most important similarity is that there is a potential risk of a nuclear war. Other underlying similarities would be the cause of tension between the two countries, and how the U.S.A. administrations decided to tackle the situation. However, there are also stark contrasts between both of the scenarios, revolving around geographical location and political unrest. Iran is very far away from the U.S.A., compared to Cuba, which was right “in their backyard”- but Iran is also close to the U.S.A.’s allies, such as Saudi Arabia. Also, while Cuba was under a relatively stable dictatorship, Iran is wavering between regimes of serious theocracy.

So, in both situations, nuclear war was imminent- and both nations were (in Iran’s case, still is) under a severe dictatorship, either military or theocratic. The U.S.A. had already had some turbulent history with both these nations, causing tension to build up. If there is one thing one shouldn’t get in the way of, it is American’s interests. Cuba took up the challenge, and Iran is in the process of doing exactly that. However, Cuba was an immediate neighbour of the U.S. in a communist regime, while Iran is situated close to the U.S’s allies, which basically means one thing… They are a threat to their main petrol suppliers. So, in the case of Cuba, the U.S. wouldn’t allow a fervent communist regime so close to home, while in Iran, the war between the Shiites and the Sunnis was playing an overwhelming role in how decisions would be made. The way the Obama administration is dealing with Iran is...
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