What Legal Measures and Remedies Were Developed to Resolve This Issues in Your Case Study and How Effective Are They in Achieving World Order?

Topics: Sudan, United Nations, Human rights Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: September 13, 2010
What legal measures and remedies were developed to resolve this issues in your case study and how effective are they in achieving world order?

The conflict in Sudan Darfur region has been a place where infighting occurs throughout centuries which largely breaks the balance of the power in the international community, thus achieving world order through various legal measures and remedies were urgent and desperate in need. This effort is not limited to negotiations but includes consultations among Darfur society over their concerns to realize comprehensive and lasting peace. The role of United Nation and its main body ICC and the court ICJ are also crucial in bringing effective dealing according to this issue in order to achieve world order.

From one aspect, UNAMID and the government are both continuing the efforts to meet the needs in coordination with each other and other international partners. However, due to the continuation of insecurity, the environmental threat, and the troublesome political and local situation, the humanitarian accessibility is threatening and low, which affects the effectiveness of law in dealing with individuals. Nevertheless, the protection and recognition of individual rights are reinforced as more humanitarian activities are putting forward and international community is offering more aid and assisting them to sustain self-reliance.

In order to support peace process, the Doha and with regional and international support has availed a forum for the negotiation between the government and the rebel movements since 2007, the forum is supported by the League of Arab States, the African Union and the United Nations that the consultant process is led by the mediator from both sides. Because of the launching of it, more comprehensive peace process is made, this remedy can be seen quite effective for the Darfur society as it is a reflection of community standards and expectations.

The deployment of UNAMID forces as a unique mission...
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