What Leads to Success

Topics: Intelligence, Motivation, Time Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: October 15, 2012
What leads to Success?
Nowadays, the topic of “what leads to success” becomes more and more popular in society. What characteristics or specific skills help those great people to make achievements? How are they different from others? As opposed to the traditional theory, which mainly focuses on the importance of natural intelligence, the majority of people now put more attention on something else. Cherry Cherniss and Malcolm Gladwell believe that emotional intelligence plays a critical role of achieving success. John Lehrer, a contributing editor, finds that self-control is significant to fulfill one’s potential. Writing on self-esteem, Harriet Brown, a noted writer, shows that other’s evaluation, both good and bad, has effects on the individual’s future. These experts’ ideas on practical intelligence, self-control and appropriate self-esteem help me to better understand the story of Zhongyong Fang, a famous historical person in China. Nevertheless, these experts fail to recognize the important role played by persistence, the ability to try to do something despite difficulties in a long period of time In middle school, almost all Chinese students have read an article called “The sadness of Zhongyong” in the textbook. It is a very simple story but with deep observation of the complex relationship between achievement, intelligence, environment and self-control. The writer of “The sadness of Zhongyong” describes the growth of a child prodigy. Zhongyong Fang was born in such a poor and common family. All his family members are farmers with very little education. One day, Zhongyong cried to his family, asking for pen and paper. When Zhongyong’s father got the boy what he wants, Zhongyong wrote a poem, which was considered a fantastic work by those famous writers at that time. As a child, Zhongyong enjoyed reading and learning on his own, practicing writing all the time. He then started his career as a young poet, helping his father to earn a lot of money and to...
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